Halfway There & Awesomenessfest

Awesomenessfest Phuket 2014

Six months ago I published a New Year’s Resolution-type post about how I had only one goal for this year: get Pamoja Safaris up and running. Now I find that 2014 is halfway finished. Time flies.

To be honest, going in I pretty much knew that I wouldn’t have much time to work on that goal for the first half of the year, seeing as I was going to be out of the country until late June. Yes, I can do work on the road, but it’s not always possible to be efficient and focused, especially when you’re spending upwards of 16 hours per day driving a crappy auto-rickshaw through the hinterlands of India. I’m sure you can relate.

As this very moment I’m somewhere over Europe, on my way home from Thailand. It’s been quite the journey, starting NYE in Colombia and then progressing onto Detroit, Lebanon, Phoenix, Thailand, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and Thailand yet again. I’ve had some really amazing adventures with amazing people–it’s been hella fun.

Speaking of fun and amazing, I just got back from attending Awesomenessfest–a bi-annual “conference” for people with enormous dreams. There were 250+ people there, and I had the privilege of connecting with maybe half of them.

It’s a bit hard to put into words, but when a friend asked me to explain it I responded that “it’s kind of like Burning Man in conference form”. To put it another way, a judgement-free, radically open opportunity for the future leaders of the world to connect and grow.

I thought it might be a bit cult-y. I thought it might be a bit woo-woo, cosmic-energy, manifesting what you want-y. It wasn’t. It was…AWESOME. (OK, it was a *bit* woo-woo at times…but in a good way.)

It was exactly what I needed at this point in my life–a reminder that there are others like me, that many of us share the exact same challenges, and that it is irresponsible–to all of humanity–to not fulfill your biggest dreams.

Work on Pamoja Safaris has been coming along quite nicely these past few weeks, and I’m very much looking forward to the next half of 2014.

Big things ahead, big things…

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