Foolish Adventure Podcast Interview

Foolish Adventure Podcast
I was recently interviewed by Tim Conley for the Foolish Adventure Show, one of my favorite podcasts.

In Tim’s words,

“…millions of people haven’t taken the leap towards a new Online-Fueled Business for any number of reasons. Tim & the Team [at Foolish Adventure] hope to show everyone with an interest how to actually make that jump.”

This episode focuses on my trip to Africa as a part of Team Shoebaru, adventure philanthropy, running a business while traveling, and not waiting until you “retire” to chase your dreams. Give it a listen here.

  • Eric Foster


    Just got done listening to the Foolish Adventure Podcast episode that you did with Tim. What a crazy adventure.

    Enjoyed it.

    Eric Foster

  • Eric Foster

    Hi Scott,

    Me again… What is this comment system you are using. I like it. Is it built into your theme, or is it a wordpress plugin?

  • Scott

    Hey Eric,

    Pretty much just the default Thesis theme commenting system actually!