Foolish Adventure Podcast Interview

Foolish Adventure PodcastI was recently interviewed by Tim Conley for the Foolish Adventure Show, one of my favorite podcasts.

In Tim’s words,

“…millions of people haven’t taken the leap towards a new Online-Fueled Business for any number of reasons. Tim & the Team [at Foolish Adventure] hope to show everyone with an interest how to actually make that jump.”

This episode focuses on my trip to Africa as a part of Team Shoebaru, adventure philanthropy, running a business while traveling, and not waiting until you “retire” to chase your dreams. Go ahead and give it a listen here.

  • Eric Foster


    Just got done listening to the Foolish Adventure Podcast episode that you did with Tim. What a crazy adventure.

    Enjoyed it.

    Eric Foster

  • Eric Foster

    Hi Scott,

    Me again… What is this comment system you are using. I like it. Is it built into your theme, or is it a wordpress plugin?

  • Scott

    Hey Eric,

    Pretty much just the default Thesis theme commenting system actually!